Faster Checkouts with Less Friction and More Sustainability

Reduce checkout lines and boost your store efficiency with Zebra’s next-generation MP7000 scanner-scale.

Increase Your Checkout Speeds and Store Efficiency.

Zebra’s MP7000 scanner-scale provides faster checkouts in your cashier and self-checkout lanes, with next-generation technology that helps you reduce lines, save time, save labor and save the environment.

Next-Gen Scanning Technology

  • Multi-plane bioptic imaging for instant scans at any angle
  • First-time capture of 1D/2D and mobile barcodes
  • Seamless coupon, loyalty card and customer ID capture
  • Optional customer-side scanner for self-service
  • Auto-recognition of produce with color camera add-on
  • Auto-verification that items match scanned barcodes

Eco-Friendly Sustainability

  • Ships in 100% recyclable and sustainable packing
  • Up to 60% less power consumption
  • No halogens, mercury, PFO/PFAs or latex
  • RoHS and DoE Level VI compliant
  • Free device recycling at end of life
  • Device buy-backs to enable green upgrades

Cost-Saving Design and Performance

  • Rugged solid-state design with proven low failure rate
  • Ultra-low and industry-best total cost of ownership
  • Scratch-resistant glass and recessed scanner windows
  • Up to 50% fewer components with no moving parts
  • Tool-free upper housing removal for easier servicing
  • Accurate weighing and optional camera to reduce fraud

See How the MP7000 Transforms the Experience.

Watch our quick overview video to learn how Zebra's MP7000 scanner-scale is revolutionizing grocery checkouts.

Instantaneous Scanning That Will Amaze Your Customers

Multi-plane bioptic imaging, advanced scanning algorithms, and an ultra-large field of view enable instant scanning of customers' items as they've moved into the scanning field.

Easy and Flexible Deployment in Any Checkout

MThe MP7000 fits any cash wrap with a 4” deep base, multiple lengths, and the option to deploy it with or without a scale, so you can provide the latest POS technology anywhere.

Intelligent Capabilities to Prevent Fraud, Loss and Theft

An optional hi-res color camera works together with software and the scanner-scale to automatically capture scans, weights and images to verify produce and other items.


Full-Service Deployment and Integration from IW Technologies





IW Technologies will help you deploy and integrate your Zebra scanner-scale with assistance from our certified, skilled, and highly experienced technicians. For more than 45 years, we have provided cutting-edge POS technology and expert services to customers. From installation to reclamation, we offer customizable, end-to-end technology solutions to help you ensure a seamless and successful integration.

Start Providing Faster Grocery Checkouts in Your Stores.

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